Youth Employabiity Program-Chennai


The Skill Training and Placement for Underprivileged Youth Tambaram Centre was inaugurated on 15th November 2016. Mr.K.Jebakumar, President Lion's Club, Tambaram Central, Chennai and Mrs. Jothi Chetty, Chief Executive, inaugurated the center. Project Manager, Tambaram Centre, gave introduction and overview of Asha Deep Foundation. Mrs. Chetty addressed the community youth and gave detailed information about ADF and its various projects. She encouraged the trainees to utilize the training opportunity and look forward to a bright future.

Mr. Jebakumar shared about the services of Lion's Club and motivated the trainees to undergo the training programme for their self-development. An interaction session was conducted with the trainees.

The main aim of "Skill Training and Placement for Underprivileged Youth" is to train educated youth from underprivileged communities so as to equip them with capabilities and get recruited in jobs and enable them to improve theirown financial condition and their families. The programme trains them in Spoken English, Computer basics, office protocols and life skills. The training is based on the need assessment and market trends. It also enhances leadership skills of trainees through confidence building exercises. The project team networks with various corporate offices and other workplaces so that youth are placed in suitable jobs of their interest and skills after the completion of the training.


Theory and practical classes are adopted in the training programme. Participatory method is applied so that youth can improve their communication skills and gain self-esteem. Group discussions, role play and debates are conducted. Exposure visits are organized in workplaces so that trainees can observe different work places and interact with the staff to have an understanding of the work culture. Trainees of Tamabaramcentre visited Equitas Bank on 22nd February 2017. Trainees gained knowledge on importance of banking and itsĀ operations. Senior Manager, Equitas Bank explained about saving account and transaction. He also clarified traineeā€™s doubts. The project team and the trainees also observed important days namely National Pollution Day, National Youth Day, National Consumer Day and World Cancer Day.


Total of 56 trainees belonging to the underprivileged community, Tambaram, were successfully trained during the period January to March 2017. Out of the total youth who have completed training 70% were placed in jobs in organized and unorganized sectors. Now they are earning and becoming financially independent. Their families face financial crisis and the youth are now supporting their families economically. The training programme has also helped the youth to develop their personality and improve self-confidence.

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