The whole world is affected by Coronavirus disease. The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic in India is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

To prevent from corona virus, a majority of countries has adopted some version of a lockdown of all social activity. In India, the lockdown started across the country on 22nd March 2020 and is still ongoing. The pandemic has left a severe impact on Indian economy, the saddened lockdown was directly affected the economic and survival of underprivileged people in India. Including Government many organizations took initiated to help and support the needy and underprivileged people.

Asha Deep Foundation working to empowerment of the underprivileged people since 1983. From the beginning of lockdown in India, ADF actively helped the needy people through ration distribution and need based support for the deprived.

Present Status of COVID -19 in India

As the whole world going through the COVID -19 crises, as per the worldometer in INDIA Total cases registered is 7704399. The COVID-19 case in Uttar Pradesh, was first confirmed on 4 th March 2020, with the first positive case in Ghaziabad. As of 20 th October 2020, the state has 4,59,154 confirmed cases, resulting in 6,714 deaths and 4,22,024 recoveries. Case fatality rate in the state stands at 1.46%.

Response to COVID -19 by Asha Deep Foundation

Asha Deep Foundation instantly took initiatives to response on COVID-19 by its experience on helping characteristic for the needy and underprivileged. The organisation reached out the needy families in the Ghazaiabad District in 40 different communities. Since April 2020 , Asha Deep Foundation started helping by distribution of Ration Kits (Atta, rice, dal, oil, soap, tea pockets, and salt etc. to the needy, jobless, People with disable, daily wagers, migrated and widows.

While the organization always ready to help the needy, the supporters are also come forward the helping hand with the Asha Deep Foundation. The organization identified and chosen particular target groups, who are vulnerable, helpless and agonize to survive these groups, are migrated labor, daily wagers, people with disabilities (PWD) and women (Widow).

Hence, Asha Deep Foundation acknowledging to Infogain for its supporting hand towards the needy through Asha Deep Foundation for the response to COVID 19 for the emergency helps. Throughout the support around 3000 people were benefited. Out of these 445 new born babies/ children below 3 years were provided milk packets .

Ration distribution to Migrated Families:

During the lockdown hundreds of migrated people were helpless. However Asha Deep Foundation reached out the Perons and distributed 530 ration kits to the migrant labours. The Asha Deep foundation has proactively support the needy.

Ration distribution to Daily Wagers:

There are many from other stated As the Delhi NCR, The COVID-19 lockdown has robbed the daily wage workers of their earnings. Delivery boys, contract workers and daily wage earners are either out of jobs or have seen a drastic drop in their earnings. For daily wage earners, a significant number of them migrants. The lockdown has come as a major disaster -at short notice, without giving them any clue to prepare for the consequences. Asha Deep Foundation found out the needy daily wagers and supported 674 of them by distribution of Ration Kits. Through this help they stable their hope to survive during this COVID 19 crisis. All the beneficiaries thankful for the help.

Ration distribution to People with Disability (PWD):

There are many from other stated As the Delhi NCR, The COVID-19 lockdown has robbed the daily wage workers of their earnings. As a human being, always it is painful to hear about the life of PWD (People with disabilities). The present pandemic increases the problem for this group. The People with disabilities face specific barriers in carrying out their daily lives in the community due to COVID-19 response measures. In particular, stay at home restrictions that do not consider their needs create disruptions and new risks to their autonomy, health and lives. Many persons with disabilities who rely on others for daily living (through formal support by service providers or informal support by relatives/friends) find themselves without support due to movement restrictions and physical distancing measures. This may leave them at high risk without access to food, essential goods and medicine, and prevented from carrying out basic daily activities such as bathing, cooking, or eating. Public information on COVID-19 measures is not systematically communicated nor disseminated in accessible formats and means to reach all persons with disabilities. Asha Deep Foundation helped the needy in priority based. The workers of the organization surveyed and find out 130 people with disable living surrounding by Asha Deep Foundation.

They have been distributed Ration kits(Atta, Dal, Rice etc.) for their survival as daily food. During the lockdown period 130 PWD periodically provided ration kits at the campus of the organisation. They are delighted and respect for the support. They have been supporting as need based since the lockdown to unlock period.

Ration distribution to Widow (Women) and their children:

As well as the widow (women) and their children from the vulnerable communities are also frontline needy to survive during this pandemic situation. Asha Deep Foundation reached out then from the nearly communities. 80 widows and families were identified and distributed ration kits during the lockdown period. Still they are receiving time to time supports by the organization.

Baby Milk Powder Distributed to the needy Children:

The sudden lockdown was a big challenge for the parents, who are staying in the rag picking communities. The infant also suffered with this problem. Through the Childline Ghaziabad, run by Asha Deep Foundation received many calls for the help for the food. The ADF took initiative to reach the family and provide emergency relief to the families. 445 infant were provided Amul Milk powder box, and ration items to the families. The smile was brought to the needy by the organisation during the thoughtful time.

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