TB- Control Programme


Tuberculosis is a dangerous and infectious disease that affects the lungs of the patient. TB had a strong grip in Shahid Nagar community few years back affecting most of the residents. Nearly 80% of the Children, men, women in Shahid Nagar community are diagnosed and their health status is known. ADF rose to the occasion to fight the disease and help the community people. Asha Deep Foundation runs a Designated Microscopy and Treatment Centre (DMC) under the national RNTCP. DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course) works with Tuberculosis patients administering curative medicine and providing counselling to the patients. Thousands of patients has been provided health and referral services. TB medicine is provided to the patients from time to time and regular follow-ups are done till they become free from the disease. Another major objective of ADF health Care programme is to sensitise the community people that they can collectively create a healthy and conducive atmosphere within the community for a better living.


  • To provide health care services (Curative, preventive) to Community people affected by Tuberculosis through partnership with government/non-government organisations.
  • To participate and promote national disease control programs (RNTCP, Pulse Polio, HIV/AIDS, etc.)
  • To provide healthcare services (Health Checkups , Camps, Awareness sessions , Health talks etc. ) and technical support back up to other ADF projects (IRDP, Asha Niketan Girls/Boys Homes and Asha crèches, ACSP, NGOs, others).
  • To develop Networking /linkages with Government /Non-Government Organisations for providing the better and effective health services to the general community.


  • Awareness promotion and Community Meetings:

    In this financial year, 22 Awareness promotion and Community meeting were conducted in the Community Health Centre. As per the Annual plan of the centre it should be conducted twice in a month. During the meetings all the 357 register patients were participate from the targeted communities. The patients belonging to various areas were warned about ill-effects of Tobacco usage and were made aware regarding the facilities available at DOTS centre.

  • Field Visits:

    Our Health workers visit the patient’s home, community and other resources for the better implementation of the programme. For achievement of better outcomes, they plan regularly and follow up with the beneficiaries. Follow up is done by the Health Workers and they work on the following points:

    • Home visits for address verification of new cases
    • Follow up of defaulters
    • Awareness promotion and Health talks

  • Health Talk:

    Health Centre Team invites residents and makes them aware about different topics in Health talk program


    The World AIDS Day is celebrated in Asha Deep Foundation every year. 300 people participated in the Rally program this year.


    The World TB Day (Tuberculosis) is organised every year. This year, 170 participants participated in this program.


  • With efforts of Community Health Care programme of ADF, there is a development of understanding in the target Community on different health hazards related to sanitation, occupation and present living conditions. Community people (workers, children, and women) affected by occupational hazards such as TB, will be accessing and availing government/non-government health services and taking proper treatment. ADF Community Health centre is equipped with IEC material on Community Health issues. The number of patients affected by TB in this community has drastically reduced over the years with the help of the TB DOTS initiative.
  • Asha Deep foundation has established links with Government; Non-Government Organisations (like NUHM (National Urban Health Mission), MHS- Delhi Health Dept., RNTCP –DOTS Ghaziabad, Sai Retina Foundation - Delhi, The Leprosy Mission, Shramik Sahayata Sangh , Ghaziabad) at districts levels. Government has begun taking initiatives to provide health facilities at Shahid Nagar and nearby areas through existing schemes and special measures like health camps and referral services.
  • Health care programme of ADF identified the affected people including children through health checkup camps and free of cost heath care services are being provided to the needy. Emphasis has also been given to facilitate the community people in accessing the existing government resources. Awareness session and health talks were organised for children on health related issues .Mass Community meetings and awareness promotion on preventive and curative health care are done. As a result, the affected people have started accessing Asha Deep Community health centre services especially for TB and skin diseases.

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