Psycho- Social Care : Guidance and Counseling to the underprivileged children / youth and women


Asha Deep Foundation has been able to bring immense mental and emotional stability amongst children at high risk and other ADF beneficiaries due to the psycho-social care provided to them. For children at high risk, their birth right of growing up in the most congenial environment has been snatched from them and hence the most delicate minds has been affected seriously and needed to be healed through medical counselling and psycho-social care.

The target group of this program are Children at high risk, differently abled people, orphan and destitute, school children, adolescent girls and boys and families of the community, who are suffering from mental and physical problem.


The aim of this program is to help the marginalized children and mature adults, through various age appropriate psychosocial methodologies.


  • To ensure regular counselling and guidance to children, parents/guardians and staff through workshops.
  • To ensure well-being within the target groups and provide open culture environment.


This unit is considered by all the beneficiaries as the best because this is a place where they get personal guidance and are able to vent their feelings and emotions in appropriate ways. The staff provides them unconditional and non-judgmental environment, where they can easily open their heart and unburden themselves. Experienced counselor of ADF regularly interact with the children of various projects of ADF. Children of Ashaniketan homes are provided an environment where they can express themselves freely to the counselor. They gain self-confidence and progress in life. Children of Asha Child Development center, who were disturbed because of father being alcoholic and mother not taking proper care of them are being given phycho-socio care. This has led many children to secure good marks in the exams, also many children are better adjusted in their homes and school alike. They are being accepted by the families and others.

Children were exposed to workshops, play therapy, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) assessments, personalized counselling and in-depth talks. The sensory and motor inputs of small children have stimulated their brains and they have also improved in various activities. Regular counselling to parents have resulted in better care of their wards and making the home environment livable for all family members. Sessions of Yoga and Pranayams for children of Asha Homes have affected them positively and they are very fit physically and mentally. Senior citizens are also given emotional support through this program.

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