Ashaniketan Boys & Girls Home

Ashaniketan Home for Boys at High Risk

Asha Deep Foundation is determined to work on every aspect of development for underprivileged children. Ashaniketan Home for Boys is one such project for children’s development and Boys aged 10-18 years who are orphans, destitute, abandoned and lost are the beneficiaries. These children are rehabilitated through a residential programme. The home was established 1994 in Shahid Nagar Community. Children are given love, care and support like any child at their own homes. Every need of a child such as educational, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and health &nutrition are looked after during the rehabilitation programme. Children who are rehabilitated are integrated to mainstream and are now leading normal and responsible lives.

Ashaniketan Home for Girls at High Risk

In our Indian Society girl children are more vulnerable and Asha Deep Foundation recognized the need to set up another home for girl children in need of care and protection and in 1996ADF started Ashaniketan Girls Home in Shahid Nagar Community just after two years of the establishment of Ashaniketan Boys Home in 1994. Girl children who are orphans, semi-orphans, abandoned, lost and destitute are beneficiaries of this project. They came through Child Welfare Committees, other NGOs and relatives of the children. Safety of the girl children is given utmost importance. Special care and counselling are done for their personal hygiene. Their right to education are ensured through St. James Convent School. They are given opportunities to go for higher education and also support their stay in the home till they take decision to lead an independent life. All developmental aspects are taken care of under the project. Opportunities are provided to undergo vocational training courses, Spoken English, and computer skills to augment their educational qualification.The home children are trained in all spheres so that they can face any challenge in life.

Activities of Ashaniketan Boys and Girls Homes

At Ashaniketan Homes children are provided with a home like environment so that they can be nurtured to become a confident and responsible person. Every opportunity is provided to them for their holistic development. Regular activities includes: attending regular school, academic support at Ashaniketan Home, monthly health check-up, counselling and sports & recreational activities.Children also learn to take responsibilities by involving themselves in various committees namely- Health, Sports, Discipline and Mess Committees.

Apart from the routine activities the following events were conducted in the year 2016-17, namely- Kids MastiProgramme, , Summer Camp, Wall-O-Book programme, Independence Day, RakshaBandhan celebration, watching IPL match at Nehru stadium, Diwali celebration, Children’ Day, Christmas celebration ,visit to Mandoli Jail to celebrate Christmas, , New Year celebration and Lohri Celebration. Children also actively participated in the events organized by ADF namely- Christmas, Republic Day, Annual Sports Day and International Women’s Day.

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