Asha Fashion Designing Centre for adolescent girls


Poverty has been a never ending epidemic in a country like ours. Asha Deep Foundation, in association with Cognizant Foundation has been trying to reduce this issue very diligently. It was started in 2012 in the slums of Ghaziabad. This program was then extended to Chennai.


To provide employment opportunities and economic empowerment to the youth by imparting them specific skills training.


  • To provide skill based training to youth and help them gain access to employability opportunities
  • To update and modify the skills and curriculum according to current market needs
  • To develop leadership skills through confidence building exercises
  • To help them provide job opportunities according to their interests and skills


  • Networking with different placement agencies in order to understand market agencies
  • Networking with various companies including MNCs to help them get respectable jobs
  • Entrepreneurship training is also given to boost confidence in them and also at the same time have a bird eye view of how to run a business
  • Mock Interviews are conducted to prepare them for the D-Day
  • Follow up meetings are also conducted to get their feedback from organizations where they are working

Impact Assessment

  • Better Livelihood for youth from underprivileged community
  • Imbibing a sense of entrepreneurial skills to carry out their own business
  • Better living conditions for their families

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