Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project


The aim of WASH project is to aware the community on health, personal hygiene, sanitation, Govt. policies on water and sanitation for a better life and to prevent from infectious diseases so that they can improve and develop themselves socially and economically. Training of adolescent girls on personal hygiene is also a main component of the project. The project covered 50,000 direct & indirect beneficiaries in Delhi- NCR New Seemapuri, Delhi. The project targeted 5000 households.

Door to door visits, group meetings with adolescent girls and women, community meetings, focused group discussions were conducted to aware people on health, personal hygiene, sanitation, Govt. policies on water and sanitation. The WASH project team explained in detail the need of clean & safe drinking water and proper hand washing methods during their interactions with community people. Gynecologist took sessions on personal hygiene to adolescent girls, so that they can prevent themselves from infections. Hygiene kits were also distributed to the adolescent girls.

The organization also contacted the Government authority and called for a meeting with community leaders and allocated place to construct toilets for the community people.


The WASH programme has impacted the target community immensely. During the evaluation of the project it was found 70% of community people improved personal hygiene and prevent themselves from diseases. Beneficiaries interacted with govt. officers about problems relating to safe drinking water and sanitation. Adolescent girls have maintained personal hygiene and able to manage themselves well during menstrual cycle. Due to consumption of safe and clean drinking water there are fewer occurrences of water related diseases. People maintain sanitation in and around their homes and prevent spread of diseases.

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