Target Intervention Project (FSW)


ASHA DEEP FOUNDATION is running a TI Project in the area of Vishwash Nagar near Shahdara, East Delhi. This project is running in collaboration with DSACS. TI Project covers different areas of Vishwash Nagar for prevention of HIV/AIDS among FSWs. The area is of mixed population of industrial and residential colonies. That is a very sensitive area regarding HIV infection because of the location of that area at the state border and is very busy. The prevalence of HIV infection is very high due to merger of bridge population and TGs. The TI is providing services to 1300 HRGs with the help of Peer Educators who belong to the HRG community.

Operational Area

Vishwash Nagar
Vivek Vihar
Kasturba Nagar
Jwala Nagar
New Sanjay Amar Ccolony
Bheekam Singh Colony
Bhola Nath Nagar
Surajmal Vihar
Sheathe Vihar

Objective Of The Ti Project:

To reduce the vulnerability of HIV infection among FSWs through awareness.
To reduce STI/STD infections or disease among targeted population.
Create an enabling environment among the community against HIV/AIDS.

Project Strategies

Community mobilization
Enabling environment
Health services
Condom promotion
Care and support to PLHA
Outreach communication

Key Activities

Identification and registration of HRGs.
Condom promotions.
Outreach activities.
ICTC services.
STI services.
Review meetings.
DIC meetings.
Hot spot meetings.
Stakeholder meeting.
Community event.
Health camp.

Outreach Activity Dic (DROP In Center)

DIC is a place where HRG can come and rest there. Indoor games dance, art & crafts work face this exists. HRG found different types of counseling sessions where they feel secure. The DIC which can be used for the above maintain purposes by any HRG doesn’t matter where she belongs. The HRGs can share their problems to the facilitator or colleagues.

Advocacy Meeting

Advocacy meetings are organized as per situation. The objective of advocacy meeting is to create an enabling environment. Advocacy meeting may be held with stakeholder’s, police, pimps or with powerful persons. For example, there is a registered HRG named AKSHITA (changed name) with who became a crisis at hot spot. The issue was that a client who did a sexual act with made her video recording of that sexual encounter and began to harass her by saying that she will send her video to other if she does not continue her sexual encounter with him whenever and wherever she wants the HRG told DIC about this issue. DIC took steps and did advocacy with the area police station to solve this issue.

Peers Meting

The meaning of peer meeting is to monitor the performance of peers to enhance the knowledge and capability of peers to do their work in a right way. The kind of activities done during the peer meeting are given below.

Discussion on field problems.
Collection of done work in the previous week.
Planning for the coming week.

Hot Spot Meeting

Hot Spot Meeting Means The Meetings Which Are Conducted At The Hot Spot. Hot Spot Meetings Are Conducted So That The Hags Could Be Aware Regarding Hiv/Aids, Sti/Std And May Be Motivated To Use Condom Safely. By Doing The Hot Spot Meeting Result In Change Of Attitude. It Brings A Positive Change In Attitude Of Hrgs.

Stakeholder Meetings

The Stake Holder Is That Person Who Is Well-Known In The Area Or Who News The Area Very Well, Like Pan Wale, Tea Sellers, And Others. These Stakeholder Meetings Are Held To Sensitize The Community Regarding Hiv/Aids And Problems Of Fsws.

Community Event

TI Project has organized 8 community events since 20008 till 2011, on hot spot related to project area of TI. The events are organized for the purpose of creating awareness among the HRGs so that the entire team of Ti project is known widely to HRGs by doing different activities to pass on the massage to HRGs on safety measures. These events are organized by the collective decision.

Mega Health camps

Two health camps are organized in a year to approach the service for the HRGs. These health camps are organized in hygienic and suitable place according to the reach of HRGs. The objective of the mega health camp is to cover that population which is not getting services on time. By organizing the health camp RMC or STI treatment is provided to HRGs as well as counseling for better heath.


Prevention of HIV infection among FSWs.
Approach of all service to every HRG on time.
To bring a positive change in attitude of general community towards the FSWs.
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