Integrated Rural Development Project


The IRDP project was implemented in five villages of Ghaziabad with the objective of overall development of rural community people with special focus on Women’s Empowerment. During the intervening 4 years, 2007-2011, the project achieved the desired result of empowering women socially, economically and culturally. The school dropout rate has come down. Awareness of people regarding health, hygiene, girl child education, environmental and social issues has increased. The information for adolescent girls and male youth regarding the career and sexual health issues given. Most important is the fact that the women’s participation in community development work has increased. After the successful implementation of 3 years, the strategy of the project intervention was re designed and in this process of development the support from SOIR-IM was commendable. During the intervention period of 2010-2011 formation of Pressure group, Village Development Committee, Women Federation etc. were carried out. Capacity building through various workshops, training programmes, celebration of occasions, awareness programmes and networking with Govt. officials and advocacy of community issues are in the process.

Geographical Area of the Project

The project is being implemented for the last four years in the five geographical areas covering five villages in two blocks i.e. Loni block- Bhaneda village and Rajapur block including the four more villages-Samsher village, Mohan Pur village, Nagla village, Attor village. All the villages are situated near Hindon river. The target area is located 10 km away from the district city of Ghaziabad at the west side of the district. The project office of Asha Deep Foundation, Shahid Nagar, is about 12 km away from these villages. The main livelihood of these villagers are cultivation, land given on rent for brick making and rest of the villagers go to Delhi or nearby NCR areas for manual labour on daily wages. The ladies are involved in the field, household work, looking after cattle etc.

Name of Villages

• Attore • Nangla • Shamsher • Bhaneda • Mohanpur

Aim of Project

The aim of the project is for women of the rural community to attain overall socio-economic and political empowerment.

Objective of the Project

To strengthen the Women Federation so that they can work effectively and self-dependently.

To strengthen and facilitate the Village Development Committee in order to address community issues.
To facilitate income generation programmes for economic empowerment of women.
To make the community aware of health issues through training, health camp and street plays etc.
To facilitate interaction between the Government officials and the community.
To achieve overall development of the villages through ownership and night attitude building of the individual.

Three Main Components Where the Project is focused

• Empowerment • Capacity Building • Advocacy and Networking    

Programme Activities

Empowerment & Development
• Women's Federation Meeting • Celebration: International Women Day • Strengthening of Gram Sabha • Celebration: Village Mela • Sports Meet
Capacity Building
• Strengthening Women's Federation Training • Activities organised by Women's Federation
• Competition among women for their Knowledge building • Strengthening of Village Development Committee
• Activities organised by Village Development Committee • Gender Sensitization activity (Community)
• Training programme on Health Education • Training of Village Development Sub Committee members
Advocacy & Networking
• Interaction Programmes with village people • Women Government official Enteraction for ensuring proper implementation of
• Capacity Building of women leaders of the Federation • Capacity Building of VDC : Exposure visits
• Community Health Camps  


Competition Among Women

women’s federation organized a Halwa (Porridge) making competition at Shamsher village. 55 women participated from all the villages, and made different types of Halwa i.e. Suzi Halwa, Channa dal Halwa, Atta Halwa, Besan Halwa, Loki Halwa, Aloo Halwa, Mung dal Halwa, Gajjar Halwa etc. The winners were adjudged on the basis of four criteria- taste, garnishing, presentation and all in one. The competition was significant as it gave an opportunity to the women members to assemble, interact, intermix, socialize it was a source of recreation for them. This also worked as a counter against the societal stratification, widely prevalent in the form of caste system.

Celebration of International Women’s Day

Over the years the International Womens Day celebration on 8th March has grown for strength to strength in Asha Deep Foundation. ADF for the first time celebrated this auspicious day at one of the project village Shamsher in Ghaziabad. To mark the occasion, young women from seven villages under Loni and Rajapur block ran from their respective villages with torches in their hands and came to the celebration where they took oath for.

The Chief Guest, Ms. Jennifer, Development Manger, Operation Asha, inaugurated the event with the lighting of the lamp along with Guest of honour, Ms. Ing-Mary Jonsson from Sweden and Pradhans of two villages Shamser and Attor, President of Rashtriya Subhash Dal, Mr. Shamsher Rana and President of Village Development Committee, Mr. Nawab from Shamsher Village. A Rajasthani folk dance based on the theme of the event was performed by the womens group of IRDP project which was very much appreciated by the guests. The Chief Guest congratulated all the women for their united efforts in changing their situation and appealed to them to raise their voice for the education and holistic development of the girl child.

Active members of Women’s Federation were honoured by the Chief Guest. Refreshments and gifts were provided to all the attendees. The event was full of happenings and women were overjoyed with its success. More than 700 women and adolescent girls of target villages participated in the event.
Women participating in cultural events on the occasion of International Women’s Day celebration organized for them.

Rally on Health Education

Members of Women Federation organized a rally on health education in the village. The objective of this rally was to spread awareness about Vitamin-A and a commitment to spread the message among family, neighbours and community people. Members of Women Federation, village ASHA, ANM, adolescent girls and school children participated in the rally
Women participated in Halwa competition organized for them

Awareness Programme on HIV/AIDS

A community Health talk was organized. The purpose of the talk was to increase awareness levels of members on the issues of community health especially on HIV/AIDS. Special discussions were held to make members aware about various deficiency diseases. Free vaccination was provided to pregnant women and children (0-5 years).

Awareness programme organized to generate awareness of HIV/AIDS

Mothers Day Celebration

On the occasion of Mothers Day celebration was organized on 14th May, 2012 at Mohanpur Mandir on the topic Importance of motherhood. A total of 70 participants were present in the activity from all the 5 villages. Discussion was held on the importance of role playing by mothers with 12-19 years old children and security of girls. All groups participated well and assured prepare security of their children specially the girl child.Women participating in celebration and activities organized on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Women participating in celebration and activities organized on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Overall Outcome of the Project during Intervention Period

The outcome of the activities of the intervention has resulted ins reaching the objectives of the intervention to a high degree. The intervention has brought a number of positive changes in the target people’s life. The details are as given below:

Empowered the women with their improved understanding about their rights. With newly gained confidence, the women’s groups have collectively started identifying the issues related to community and raising it with concerned departments of the Government and local bodies..

Achieved success in getting the problems of road and electricity solved in one of the project villages.
Women are equipped with information on health, social and rights based issues. Financial independence, mobility and exposure expanded their space not only in the family but at the community level as well. Some of the women have started Income generating activities. They are aware of women issues and have become more independent.
Adolescent’s girls groups emerged as very useful and effective forums. This vulnerable target group is equipped with the information and knowledge necessary to lead a healthy, confident and educated life. Some of girls have become self dependent and earning their own money.
Successfully bring change in the perception of parents towards issues affecting their daughters’ quality of life. Participation in training on personality development, decision making, leadership, communication etc. were opportunities provided to shape their personalities which they could not get anywhere else.
More girls are now becoming career oriented, opting for higher studies, English speaking courses and vocational training. They have acquired improved knowledge of career related issues.
Youth energy has been successfully channelized youth’s energy in the productive and positive directions. The change in their attitude, thought pattern and behaviour are clearly visible. More youth are now involved in sports, vocational courses and education. As a pressure group they are taking responsibility for community issues also.
Majority of the children are enrolled in school. Children are now aware of many issues related to nutritional food, health & hygiene, child rights, first-aid etc. A sense of responsibility and management skills instilled through library management exposure visits, events, competitions gave them a taste of the outside world, enhanced their confidence, and motivated them to learn new things in life.
Community people, especially adolescent girls and women, have become well equipped with knowledge and information on health issues due to which health status at family level have considerably improved as reflected during evaluation visits. The immunization rate has improved the consciousness and concern level for enjoying better health among community people has increased.
At the family level, more attention is being given to nutritious food as suggested by women and adolescents girls groups.
The community has been sensitized about government schemes how to access the facility and network with government officials it has formed linkages with the government departments.

Success Story



Before intervention After intervention
Soni (name changed) from Nagla village is a member of one SHG named Om Namah Shivay and Federation group. Her family depends on agriculture for livelihood. She has two school going children named Chetan and Gaurav. Due to dependency on agriculture her husband is not able to contribute much towards the family. After the intervention of ADF she got lots of confidence within herself. She motivated herself to become a source for extra income for her family after the introduction of SHG concept by ADF staff. In order to support her family she opened a small shop in the village to generate income. In the month of April 2012, Soni found a 10 year old girl child named Deepa in her maternal village . The mother of the girl child was no more due to chronic disease and her father left her due to unsound mind. The child was not in good condition at that time and suffering from illness. Therefore, Soni took responsibility to facilitate her treatment first. Soni wanted to admit her in an orphan home but even after a great search she was unable to find a satisfactory orphan home for the girl. She also asked the staff members of ADF regarding the admission procedure at the ADF Girls’ Home. Soni decided to keep her with her after the treatment for at least two months as because Deepa became very emotionally attached with Soni as it her own daughter and did not want to go anywhere else. Soni also loved her and decided to stay with her family. Soni, whose life once was limited to the four walls of her house, is now aiming high. She is caring for the girl and wants to provide good education to her .Right now she got admission in a private school in 4th class. Soni wants to be a good social worker also. All this was possible due to the motivation and confidence earned by Soni after opening her shop which is the source of earning for her providing financial independence. Now she is linked with village ASHA and voluntarily provides help to the village people. She has a positive atitude towards women and wants to go ahead with them.
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