Gali Pre School


Primary Education Augmentation through Corridor Edification (PEACE), providing education to the children who are left out in the race for development is the prime objective of the Asha Deep Foundation. Asha Deep Foundation is running Early Childhood Education Programme Gali Pre School in the slums and resettlement colonies of North East Delhi in order to provide education to the children of the underprivileged community. Gali Pre School targets children aged 3-5 years in order to synchronize them with the primary education and increasing their interest in schooling. Presently 20 Gali Pre School are operating in the slums of the project area. The Instructors, trained by ADF from the communities have offered their homes as the venues for the classes as a resource. Community resources and participation are used in the development process. The Gali Pre School of Jain Mandir area of North East District of Delhi is supported by HDFC.


The aim of the project is to nurture holistic development of children in the age group 3-5 years in the one slum in the Northeast Delhi to ensure active learning process among them.


Provide education to the children of age 3-5 years by various child centered innovative teaching methods.
Ensure the enrollment of girl child and their continue association with the education programme.
Ensure physical, cultural and social development and health development in the children by fully exploiting the potentials in the children.
Enhance the capacity of the community adolescent girls by providing them training on early childhood care and education.
Create linkage with other schools and provide training to teachers of the school to sensitize them about the gender disparity and the importance of primary education for the community children.


Instructor meeting in community
  Monthly once Instructor meetings are organized under the project. The main purpose of this activity is to enhance intervention skills among the Instructors and improved their knowledge and to be able to make strategies for better implementation of activities.
Instructor Training Programme
  Monthly Once Instructor Training Programs are organized to make them of aware Carrier Guidance and Higher Education and to strengthen their capacity to do their work effectively. A Training programme for Instructors on Early Childhood Development Programmed in progress.
Mothers Group Meeting
  Monthly Mothers Group meetings are organized with mother group on community problems. The major issues are health & nutrition, immunization and good behaviour. Daily routine work for children is also discussed in the meeting. These groups work as pressure group in the community to tackle sanitation problems water & electricity problem and others community problem visits I Card, Ration Card, seasonal diseases & school children's bank A/C open.
Parents Teacher Meeting
  Monthly meeting organized with parent’s teachers at a central point in the community. The main objective of meeting is to develop a sense of responsibility in the parents towards their children in the for holistic development are educated about the importance of education in life.
Community People Meeting
  Monthly once meeting with community people are organized such as relating to many issues. school-admission, formal education, Pulse Polio, health , nutrition, sexual disease , senior citizen pension, water problem and sanitation & others community problems community people participation was raised in the group meeting with community people. Mostly women’s adolescent girls, senior citizen’s were participated in the meeting was ensure their participation in the Project. Various problems prevailing in the community was discussed with the others community People meeting have a Positive impact in whole community.
Health Check-up
  Quarterly Health Check up programmes is organized to ensure better health of children. Referral services are also provided.
Home Visits
  Home visit is done in case of irregular attendance of children in the Centre and in case children are unwell.
School Admission (Government and Private)
  After providing non formal education children above 5 are enrolled in formal school education.
Festival Celebration
  Major Festivals are celebrated with children and cultural programme performed by children of centre.
School going children follow-up
  follow up home visit organized to ensure regularity of school going children. The objective of these visit are to reduce school drop out rate.
Review and Planning Meeting
  Monthly review & planning meetings are organized with all instructors of Gali- Pre School. Community Volunteer oversees activities of the Centre to ensure better implementation of activities.
Mothers Group Workshop
  Mothers Group workshops are organized in two months, in which awareness given related to pregnant women, pre natal care, immunization of children, health & nutrition for children, seasonal disease, girl education etc. are sought to be created.

Success Story - 1

Kashish is an 8 year old girl child living with her maternal grandmother and grandfather as her parents are living separately after being divorced. Her grandfather is a cycle-rickshaw puller and somehow manages the family. He knew that he was not able to put Kashish in a School so he met the Gali Pre- School staff and handed over his beloved granddaughter. It has been now 4 years Kashish is doing very well in her 3rd standard after finishing her Gali Pre- School study of one year. She took admission in MCD primary school in Dilshad Garden and is very regular in her attendance. She is and taking part in all activities. She respects me all and well behaved. She wants to become a teacher in her future. Her behavior and attitude are already like a teacher.

Success Story - 2

Shakib Hussain son of Mr. Shakir Hussain, 7 years old, belonging to a very poor family, Hisr father is a tailor and mother works in a packaging company. He is having two sisters and one brother and all are going to school.
Shakib Hussain started his Preliminary education in the Gali Pre – School Project of Asha Deep Foundation 3 years back. He came with very dirty clothes and used to be very unhealthy sometime not brushed his teeth. Slowly he learnt everything including manners. He has become everyone’s favourite as he is doing very well in his studies.
Change: - After this drastic change he has set examples and has become a role model in the class room. When someone asks about his future he says he wants to become a doctor.
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