Republic Day 2013


Asha Deep Foundation has been celebrating Republic Day on 26th January since 1994 and it is a great day for all the staff and students to remember such a significant day in the history of Indian Independence. The constitution of India was formally declared on this Day and India became a Republic in the real sense. The guests, staff and children of ADF celebrated by hoisting the Indian National Flag followed by singing the National Anthem. On this Day children sang & dance with joy and spoke about the Day with pride & resolve

Flag Hoisting

Father Rajamony and Mr. Yamin, MCD Councillor together hoisted the Indian National Flag to mark the occasion of Republic Day. They were also accompanied by Rev. H.K Chetty, Director ADF and Sr. Jothi Chetty, Chief Executive & Secretary, ADF. After the flag hoisting National Anthem was sung by all present- Chief Guest, ADF Management, Students and Staff of ADF .

Cultural Programme

Students of St. James Convent School performed dances to celebrate the Republic Day. Two group dances were performed on patriotic songs. It was a very beautiful performance and a feeling of patriotism was instilled to all the viewers.

Speech by Chief Guest

The Chief Guest of the function, Mr. Yamin, MCD Councillor expressed that Asha Deep Foundation is doing a very good work by educating the children of Shahid Nagar. He praised the St. James Convent School for their dedication in educating the children. He hopes that one day the children will become IAS officers and IPS officers to serve the country and uplift their own community. He is thankful that ADF has given the opportunity to be part of the celebration and felt honoured to hoist the Indian National Flag on this Republic Day. He also thanked the children for participating in the celebration.

Speech by Director ADF

In the beginning of his speech Rev. H.K. Chetty thanked all the children who came for the Republic Day Celebration in this cold season. He shared that the ADF celebrated the Republic Day for the first time in 1994 in Shahid Nagar Compound and only himself, Father Rajamony and 8 children were present. Today he is very happy that many more children are celebrating the Day.

Rev. Chetty was delighted that Chief Guest has agreed to some of the suggestions for the development of the community. He shared that the Councillor has agreed to clean up the garbage next to the ADF building and built the small road behind the ADF main building. The councillor also agreed to install light and drinking water facilities at the school campus. He shared that due to darkness in the campus there is risk of theft at night. Rev. Chetty remembered that ADF have been working in Shahid Nagar for the last 25 years and he has been associated with Mr. Yamin for the last 15 years and is emotionally attached to him. He was very happy that after all the hard work he did for the community he has now become a political leader. He was thankful to Yamin for choosing to attend the ADF Republic Day Celebration instead of the Police Parade he was invited to. Rev. Chetty felt that his love for ADF has drawn him towards ADF.

Rev. Chetty congratulated the students of St. James Convent School who spoke on this occasion. He praised that it needs lot of courage to give public speech on such a significant topic. They spoke about the significance of the Day and how as a patriotic citizen we can celebrate the day with positive steps in our life.
Rev. Chetty also thanked the school children for the effort and the hard work given by the children for the beautiful dance performances.

He spoke on the significance of the Day and why we were celebrating the Republic Day. India got Independence on 15th of August 1947 but the constitution, which is the main crux of a nation, the Indian Constitution came into existence on 26th January 1950. That is why we are celebrating the Republic Day on this day.

Rev. Chetty also shared the speech given by the President of India, Sh. Pranab Mukherjee on the eve of Republic Day. The importance of education was stressed in the Presidential speech. President of India believed that if all children of India are given education many problems of the nation will be solved.

Just to bring some excitement amongst the children Rev. Chetty shared the various ways of celebrating Republic Day by different entities. He told that a person born in 1964 is lucky in two ways because of the number 64. Firstly it is the 64th Republic Day and if it adds up, it is again a lucky number 10, since it is the Indian Famous Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s Jersey number. He also shared the offer by a marketing company that we shop goods for Rs.1950/- and Rs.1950/- worth goods will be offered free of cost since 1950 is the Year of Republic India.

At the end of the speech Rev. Chetty also touched the development aspect by sharing the T.V. advertisement by famous actor Aamir Khan on Malnutrition amongst children. In India every 2nd child is malnourished and children should eat well to become the healthy citizens of India.

Vote of Thanks

Mr.S.N.Choudhury thanked the Chief Guest, Mr. Yamin, MCD Councillor for attending the Republic Day Celebration at ADF. He thanked Father Rajamony, Sr. Jothi Chetty and Rev. H.K. Chetty for their support. He also thanked all the children and ADF staff for their presence in the celebration. He especially thanked St. James convent School staff for their hard work in organizing the function.
At the end of the celebration sweets were distributed to all children and refreshment was given to all ADF Staff.
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