Asha Creche


This project has majorly helped the children from the Rag-Picking community which is very prominent in and around Ghaziabad. The main concern of parents who were part of this community was that where they should leave their child when they go out for their work. So they started taking them along to their work. This started affecting their child’s mental as well as physical health. Asha Deep recognised this shortcoming and came up with the idea of Asha Crèche.


To provide an opportunity to children from the Rag-Picking Community to lay basic educational foundations and develop a sense of enthusiasm for training and ultimately enlighten their parents about the importance of education.


To give legitimate dietary sustenance according to the age of children in a hygienic manner
To give a day care centre for the children from the Rag-Picking community and help their parents carry out their regular baby
To develop a sense of enthusiasm towards learning and education in an interactive and fun way
To help their parents with admissions in nursery as well as pre school


The main challenge is to motivate the parents to send their children to crèche. For this to happen, a number of workers from Asha Deep Foundation, visit their locality regularly.
A lot of focus is given on hygiene. Children are made to understand the importance of cleanliness through various interactive activities.
They have a flexible menu for kids for their mid-day meal. Food is very much according to the age and nutritional requirements of children
A number of activities like drawing, counting, storytelling is conducted. Children who do not know how to read and write are taught the same in a fun way
Regular health check-ups are conducted keeping in mind the physical well-being of the child
Children are made to participate in various festivals which in turn helps them learn a lot about the same

Impact Assessment:

Since 2007, the year when it started, approximately 800-900 children have been impacted
Number of children taking admission in schools from the Rag-Picking Community has increased by a huge margin
Parents are being continuously motivated and the strength of the crèche is increasing regularly
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