Children’s Development Khazana


It has been noticed that children of rag picking parents and others working children earn a lot of money but they do not know how to save of the proper utilization of the money rather than spending in wrong direction like drugs and tobacco consumption etc. So, Asha Deep Foundation took the initiative to let them save their own money and spend it in need and at the right way. The children and adolescents will thus gain good habit of saving money.


The Children’s development Khazana envisages to be a life line for poor marginalized children and adolescents, where they get opportunities to save and withdraw money when needed. The adolescents can take advance for their economic empowerment and personal development.

Areas of Intervention


To enable children to meet their survival needs.
To help children learn to prioritize their needs.
To motivate street and working children to access education and health care.
To increase children life skills.
To provide support to children to continue their education.
To provide life skill education.
To enhance self esteem and confidence of children and adolescents.
To equip children with vocational and entrepreneurial skills.
To provide knowledge skills and support to initiate and manage economic enterprise (small business)
To equip children with financial management skills.
To inculcate the habit of saving and budgeting.
To provide basic training in keeping books of accounts.
To participate in decision making process.
To empower children with knowledge, values and skills of democratic participation.
To orient children to knowledge of their own rights and responsibility.


Meeting with Children: Information given about rule and regulation of Child Development Khazana to the children. How it is beneficial for that to save money and how they can use their improvement.
  Life skill training programme
Meeting with Parents: Information given about Child Development Khazana and its benefits for their children. Measures of investing also suggested to them for proper utilization of money saved by the children.
Competitions: The purpose to organize competition is to enhance creativity of children
Exposure Visits: Exposure visits are organized to provide an entertaining environment to the children to enhance their knowledge of the outside world.
Festival Celebrations: Occasionally festivals are celebrated with the children when culture events are performed by them.
Games and Sports: Games and Sports activities are organized for the children to enhance their physical prowess.
Incentive giving Programme: After saving a good amount in their Khazana accounts, incentives given to the children to motivate them for more savings so that other children are inspired through this example to save their money for better utilization.
Advance Committee Meeting: Advance committees are formed by election. This committee looks after the money transactions in case child wants advance money for any reason.
Child Volunteer Managers Meeting: Committee looks after the written documents such as transaction slips, ledger, cash book etc. along with information spread among all the groups regarding events to be organized under the project Child Development Khazana.
Prize giving programme for Highest Savers: Prizes given to the child who is the highest saver of the month.


First of all, the children start their own saving by depositing on a regular basis. Everyday there are new accounts opened with enthusiasm. They have built some leadership qualities in them, decision-making and money management power and the policy of right spending it when in need. The overall opinion of the people is very good about CDK. Through this programme a good connection their parents has been built up. The parents in turn have been supporting their children by allowing them to go for meeting, training and competitions arranged by CDK.

Case History 1

SANTOSH (16 year old) D/o Mr. Mangal lives in Rajiv Nagar, she has two brothers and four sisters in her family. Her mother is a housewife and her father is working as a rag picker. Her economic situation is not good, nevertheless she wants to provide education to her siblings, and she wants to be a self independent person in her future life.
She has taken the examination of 10th class in a Govt. school, Delhi. But she is not good in study as she does not have any facility for study and she is required to give extra attention to her study. She joined in CDK Programme two year ago. After joining in CDK programme, gradually she improved her knowledge through the CDK programme as she how can afford the facilities like tuition, through which she is improving her study skill.
After enrolling in the CDK programme she also changed her outlook gradually. Now she is regular in her school class, she actively participates in activities organized by CDK programme, she improved her communication skill, decision making, saving habit. She wants to train for a career in nursing.

Case History 2

PREETI (17 year old) D/o Shri Lakhan Singh lives in Rajiv Nagar and she has three brothers and three sisters. Her mother is working as a domestic worker and her father is working in a copper factory. The family economic condition is not good.

Preeti joined with CDK two year ago and participated in meeting, training and competition programmes organized by CDK. She has completed a Beautician Course successfully and in pursuing higher education in a Govt. high school, Delhi. She is hoping to improve her future with the help of CDK programme.

After enrolling in CDK programme, she has gradually undergone a change in her personality. Now she is regular in class, participates in other activities of CDK and Asha Deep Foundation. She has improved her leadership quality, decision making, communication skill and saving habit in the CDK programme. She wants to train be a teacher in future.

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