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Youth Development Programme (YDP) is a programme for the educated youths who are vulnerable and belong to economically weak families and underprivileged communities. Bank of America supports the programme. YDP was launched in Kovilampakkam and Tharamani , Chennai on 7th May 2015. It works to reduce poverty and vulnerability by facilitating young adults aged 18-35 years who have completed 12th Std. of schooling and belonging to economically weak and disadvantaged communities. Their employability is increased so as to obtain gainful employment and lead a quality life. The duration of the course is 3 months and after completing the course, students are placed in sectors like Retail and BPO. The main subjects taught in the programme are- IT, Financial Literacy, Work Place Readiness, Work Place English, Customer Care Service, Hospitality and IT Enabled Services. As part of the course, exposure visits are made to various retail sale outlets, food chain outlets, banks, BPOs and corporates. Apart from the main subjects mock interviews are conducted to handle job interviews successfully. Life skills training is also conducted to handle difficult life situations in a positive manner and increase the confidence level of the trainees. Career guidance is given to all the trainees. Apart from the primary activity of training and placement of youth in jobs the project also works on increasing awareness about the programme in the community, mobilizing youth from the community to be part of the programme, developing infrastructure for the programme and networking. Through this programme many youths will be getting decent jobs and supporting themselves and their families financially.

Aim Of The Project

The main aim of this project is to provide economic empowerment opportunities to the underprivileged community youth by improving their employability through specific skills training.

Objectives of the Project:

1 To provide training on employability skills based on the need assessment and market trends.
2 To enhance leadership skills through confidence building exercises.
3 To provide them placements according to their interests and skills.
4 To highlight their success stories on different modes of media so to motivate the youth

About Target Areas :

Kovilambakkam is a suburb which is located within Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is administered by Kovilambakkam Panchayat Board, which again comes under the control of Sholinganallur district. Tharamani also called “Taramani dhanraj working place” is an area in the south Indian city of Chennai. It is located adjacent to the posh residential locality of Adyar in South Chennai. The target areas of YDP consist of a population belonging to low income families and categorized as underprivileged communities. There is need for development in terms of education, health, sanitation and basic infrastructure such as water & electricity. The youths are unemployed and needs guidance and options to achieve a higher goal.

Launch of Youth Development Programme

The day 7th May 2015 was a defining moment for the underprivileged youths of Kovilampakkam and Tharamani communities in Chennai. The youth have been deprived of the opportunity to train and guide them so that they can dream of a better future through good jobs in organized sectors. The YDP programme was launched together by Bank of America and Asha Deep Foundation. Heads, senior officials and staff of both the organizations and community youths were present in the event. The invitees addressed the youths and interacted with them regarding the programme. Youths were highly motivated to be part of the programme.

Target Beneficiaries

Total of 300 underprivileged youths aged 18-35 years will be benefited directly (2 batches of 25 youths per batch in a quarter and 3 such batches in a year per centre) from the YDP Kovilampakkam and Tharamani Centres. From the activities the youth will benefit in developing their personality, improving their life skills , gaining IT skills, learning to face job interviews, getting jobs, becoming financially independent, managing finances, becoming a productive & useful member of the society, gaining self-confidence , gaining self-esteem and gaining respect from society.

Status of YDP Sessions

The Youth Development Programme (YDP) was initiated in Chennai in May 2015. After a month long involvement in identification of target area, field visits, survey, recruitment of instructors, preparation of the center, community mobilization, identification of trainees, screening and enrollment, the training was started in June 2015. The target number of youths to be enrolled in the 1st batch is 100 underprivileged youths in the target areas. The project has successfully enrolled 124 trainees in the two Chennai Centres. Morning and afternoon sessions are being conducted regularly. Challenges such as enrollment of female youths, motivating youths who are already in some economic activities in unorganized sector and making the community realize the importance of the course, were encountered by the project team during the implementation.

Expected Impacts in the Community

The expected impacts in the community due to the Youth Development Programme are:
1) Unemployed youths getting jobs
2) Improving the economic conditions of the families of the trained and employed youths,
3) Increase in literacy rate due to the financial support by the youths in job to their siblings
4) Decrease in crime rate due to youth involving in constructive work
5) Health of the families improved due to support by the youth in job
6) Family becoming more secure due to increase in financial saving
7) Youth contributing in the development process of the community.

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