Asha Vocational Technical Training Institute :( Avtti)


Asha Vocational Technical Training Institute(AVTTI) , an initiative by Asha Deep foundation, empowers the community youth with the right skills aiding them in earning a living for themselves. Skills are primarily needed in order to find employment in the coming age. Keeping this view in mind, this vocational training project was established to provide vocational training in various trades to the marginalized youths. The centre is fully equipped with the required material and training staff to carry out productive training programmes. The offerings include courses like Beautician Training, Cutting & Tailoring, Computer Hardware/Software, and English Speaking.


To give subjective training in professional and specialized trades to the underprivileged youth and build up their aptitudes with the goal of making them self sufficient


To empower the marginalized youth with core skills of Spoken English, Beautician training, Cutting/Tailoring and Computer Hardware/Software
To develop entrepreneurship and business skills among the youth so that they can start their own venture or business in future.
To provide them with basic hygiene factors like safe drinking water, necessary infrastructure etc
To create awareness among the general community regarding qualifications and skillsets.
enhancement is an essential requirement of our professional life.
To provide exposure to the underprivileged youth and community about the external environment so that they can have a better job opportunities.
To provide placement assistance for facilitating future employment.


AVTTI offers two major packages for the community in terms of beautician courses.
One is for a period of 6 months and the other is for an extended period of one year
Experts provide both theoretical and practical training to the students
Women are employed in various organizations that match the requirements and some opt to start their own beauty parlours at home.
AVTTI also provides customized courses for specific skills like Mehandi etc.
AVTTI arranges for weekly visits for practical exposure to women in this field
Women are also trained in saree courses and bridal make-ups

Impact Assessment

Marginalized youth get respected jobs and can lead the life of a responsible citizen
In the future, learned trainees become financially stable and independent
An example is set in the society and crime rates reduce.
Awareness is created amongst the community and future generations is inspired.

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