Asha Niketan Home For Boys


Ashaniketan Home for Boys is one of the major residential projects under Asha Deep Foundation. In 1992, ADF initiated a campaign under the banner of Street and Working Children to help the street children in the capital. It was soon realised that a major impact can be created by instituting them in residential homes and give them a quality life. This was the turning point which led to the formation of Asha Niketan Home for Boys. However in 2006, due to the Child care and protection act, all residential homes needed to be compulsorily affiliated with the government. Currently, ADF has partnered with the government and taking in children in the boys home through this route. It is a home away from home for the boys who are orphans, poor, homeless or belong to families living on the street. The homes accommodate 39 such boys. A healthy and nutritious diet is given to them to facilitate good health and well-being. The children are well disciplined and the senior boys do mentor their younger fellow mates. A fixed time table is followed here, allocating time for sports and other co-curricular activities. There are five Child protection committees in each home which consist of four to five boys per committee. These members look after the cleanliness, health, discipline and sports and games inside the homes.
Ashaniketan Hostel for Boys was an initiative driven by ADF to support the children of convicts to provide them at par education at our schools and help them by giving a residential environment.


Provide a safe, home-like environment to the boys who are poor, abandoned or belong to the families living on the streets and take care of their basic needs


Provide the boys with the basic necessities of life like food, shelter, clothing and protection
Help them develop their potential through in education, games and sports, health, vocational, culture and spirituality.
To provide them with basic hygiene factors like safe drinking water, food and sanitation
Provide them social, moral, emotional, parental care and support.
To provide health care facilities so that they can be in good health physically and mentally
To provide them sporting avenues so that they can develop themselves through sports and games


Regular counselling
Career guidance
Workshops and trainings for personality and leadership
Outstation Exposure trips
Regular health check-ups

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