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The Asha Child Development Project was started in July 2008 to provide holistic support to the children of under privileged community people of Northeast Delhi. The people living there are migrate from other states and very poor. They are involved in petty jobs to fulfill the need of family. Our project operation area is: Pappu Colony, Rajiv Nagar, Jain Mandir, Sharad Puri, Shahid Nagar, New & Old Seema Puri. Their basic requirement of education and nutrition is not fulfilled with their meager income. The Asha Child Development project motivates the children towards education. The Project has four major components to bring holistic development in the children physical, spiritual, social and cognitive development.

Aim of the Project

Asha Child Development Centre is helping the children to come out of the poverty.

Aim and Objectives

To help children who are orphan, semi-orphan, destitute, needy and extremely poor and provide them opportunity to grow positively in their life.
To help children to develop socially, physically, mentally and spiritually.
To help the children to develop life skills so that they can cope with difficult circumstances in their lives.
To make parents, relatives, and guardians realize their roles and responsibilities for holistic development of their children.
To make the community aware of child rights and implication in the community as well as society.

Social Development

Social and emotional development of the children is most necessary as they live in an environment, which keeps them alienated from civil society. They find to develop a kind of gap between them and other societal people. The purpose of the social emotional DEVELOPMENT is the growth of the children in the social sector to makes them confident. The following activities were organized, which will help them to mingle with mainstream society.


• Psycho - Socio Care
• Picnic & Outing

The children visit on Teermurti Bhawan and Children Park during their picnic.

• Parents Meeting
• Birthday Celebration

Children are celebrating their birthdays at the project centre.

• Special Day Celebrations

Children are during Special day celebrations at the project.

Physical Development

Malnutrition and poor health are the major factors, which badly affect proper growth of the children. This project provides balance and diet nutrition to all the children enrolled in the programme. Health facilities are also provided to the children. Following activities were organized to make the children physically sound.


• Studies (all subjects and curriculum)
• Drawing & painting
• School supplies
• Counseling
• Class studies based on subjects

Children in the class room during their class study.

• Computer Class

Children in the computer class Ms. Kavita the computer teacher is been intruding them.

• Music Class

Children during their music class Mr. Harsh Massey is giving music lessons

Spiritual Development Of The Children

Spiritual development is the valuable part of this project. Spiritual programmes are conducted every month and spiritual materials are providing exhausts & carried out in the class room for teachings by child counselors as well as all the staffs of the centre. Spiritual development is must to establish them in society. They are made aware about the rich cultural values of our country. A sense of good behavior and moral principles is developed through this programme. Children are educated about the major festivals, important days as well as important personalities of the world. Following activities were organized under this component:


• Festival Celebration (Christmas)

Parents during Christmas celebration Mr. K. L. George during inauguration and Rev. H. K. Chetty distributing gift to parents.

• Cultural Programmes

Children during spiritual cultural program at our centre.

• Story Telling
• Skits and dance


They are coming to the Centre in two shifts. Children are enjoying t and learning a lot of things. Parents are also satisfied with the progress of the children and also with the kind of facilities provided to them. Regular attendance of the children is very encouraging. It is assumed that children will enjoy the benefits of this programme to make their life meaningful in future.

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