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In our community, we have an extremely exceptional gathering of kids, individuals who are not physically as well as mentally sound enough. As a result of this their enthusiasm turns out to be extremely vexed and they think they can't do anything like the other kids do. This evil feeling makes their lives all the more exhausting and boring. They don't go to School, don't participate in games and different exercises and some time their relatives likewise get sad and lose enthusiasm and confidence in their kid.
Asha Deep Foundation understood these woeful circumstances and stepped up for these Physically Challenged youngsters and has been doing great work from the past 15 years in order to improve there physical as well as mental health. Asha Deep Foundation has been successful in setting a new benchmark in this field.


To incorporate physically challenged kids at a respectable position in the society and help them lead a better life


Consistently provide them with nutritious food for their Mental and Physical development
To give them with great health and mental stability
To involve them in spiritual activities like prayers so that they can have a better understanding of their respective religion
To boost them with a lot a confidence so that they can face and handle day to day challenges


Children who can speak undergo speech therapy to improve the way they speak so that their parents and teachers can understand them better
Physiotherapy is provided to each and every child consistently which is one of the most important requirement of differently abled children for their physical well-being. Yoga and exercise is also carried out to prevent them various illnesses.
There is a lot of emphasis on education as well. They have a time-table but it is very flexible as the activities gets customized according to the children’s daily requirement as well as mood.
To align them towards the spiritual side, prayers are also conducted on regular basis
Parent teacher meeting are conducted regularly in order to bring the parents as well as their child on the same page
Quarterly as well as monthly health check-ups are also conducted for these special children
They have a special food menu, hygiene levels of which is very much comparable to industry standards
Regular home visits are also conducted to ensure that they are not treated differently at home as compared to their siblings

Impact Assessment

Better living standards in being provided to special children
They are being equipped with the basic skills required to face day to day challenges
Parents are being motivated to send their child to special schools
Make their parents feel proud and satisfied about their ward

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