Asha Computer Institute for Girls


YDP is a programme for the educated youth of the community who belong to economically weaker sections of the society. Currently, YDP has its centers in Chennai, Haryana and Mumbai. The program aims at providing employability to the youth through its intensive 3-month courses in the fields of IT, Financial Literacy, Work Place Readiness, Work Place English, Customer Care Service, Hospitality and IT Enabled Services. Additionally, the trainees are given training in communication skills, money management, basic computer, internet usage, office etiquette and skills in retail sales. Mock interviews are also conducted to help the trainees practice before they face the actual job interview. After the completion of the course, the students are placed in the Retail and BPO sectors. Through this programme, many youth have found jobs and are now able to financially support their families.


To provide employment opportunities and economic empowerment to the youth by imparting them specific skills training


  • To provide skill based training to youth and help them gain access to employability opportunities
  • To update and modify the skills and curriculum according to current market needs
  • To develop leadership skills through confidence building exercises
  • To help them provide job opportunities according to their interests and skills


  • Training through curriculum on specific skills
  • Communication and computer skill training
  • Mother meetings to inspire young girls to join the programme
  • Exposure visit to Bank of America offices

Impact Assessment

  • Underprivileged youth get access to employment opportunities
  • Makes the youth and their families financially stable
  • Widespread awareness created among the community regarding importance of skill training

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